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Welcome to our Dachshund webshop! You have come to the right place for everything about Dachshunds. Do you already have a lot of harnesses in your closet and none of them really fits? Check out the harness page for a Dachshund harness especially made for Dachshunds. Or does not a single piece of clothing fit well and are jackets always too short? View our Dachshund jacket or Dachshund sweater on the clothing page.

Of course you will find here some handmade and unique Dachshund gifts for that one and only Dachshund fan. The most beautiful Dachshund gifts can be found on the 'owner' page. We are always there for you would like some advice. Whether it's about which size jacket you should choose or which harness is most suitable for your Dachshund: mail, call or app us!

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ATTENTION: we currently have to process a lot of returns because we notice Dachshunds are not measured before ordening a harness or coats. Measure your Dachshund according to our measurement advice below every product before you order! When in doubt send us a message with the measured centimeters so we can help. It is a huge waste of costs, packaging and last but not least, emissions!