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About 4 years ago we became owners of puppy Dachshund Beer. From that moment on we entered the wonderful world of the Dachshund: we got to know his typical Dachshund regions, but also his needs as a (yet) special breed. Not everything that goes for other dogs also goes for Dachshunds. We soon noticed that Bear is a tough little dog, but as soon as he went along and had to wait a while, he started to shiver. "Would he be cold?" we wondered. "Or is he just excited?" Our first reaction was: hey it is a dog, they are not cold. And we were certainly not into the jackets (or dressing up).

But the more he went along in our old-timer car, the more he shivered. It can be quite cold in here because it does not heat up so quickly. So we went to investigate and came across an article about dogs with little hair on their bellies and especially Dachshunds who, just like us humans, are cold. Okay, so he has to wear a jacket in case he has to sit still outside for a while... but we don't want to ruin his tough image!

We soon ran into the problem of our long-backed friends: the jackets are too sweet or too short! In the end we found the perfect jacket and that's how it started. People asked on the street about the sturdy but also practical jacket and we noticed that Dachshund owners had many more specific needs for their Dachshunds. And there is our webshop all kinds of articles for our buddies with the best comfort and healthy idea. Everything tested by our Beer (and his brother Karel) himself.

So: are you looking for a specific Dachshund product (we also have nice gadgets for the owners!) or ideas about what would fit in our range? Don't hesitate to send us a message! Have fun at and see you soon!
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On Sunday 3 April Amy from Meola Leather will visit our shop again to measure your Dachshund for a unique and well fitting harness. On this day she will take her time to measure your Dachshund and work on it in her own workshop. On this day, you can see and choose different materials and colours. Read all about it here and register using the form. 

Of course there are always harnesses in our shop and you can always come and try them on. The above is for when you want a unique harness or when your Dachshund falls outside our regular sizes.