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Welcome to the Hashteckel Conceptstore! We used to be a regular Dachshund store with standard opening hours, but now we are taking a different direction. Private shopping is our new standard (Dachshund ;)), but hey, every now and then we are opening our doors for anyone who wants to drop in.

What makes a 'concept store' so special is that you see and feel the passion and vision of the entrepreneur. This means that everything you see in our Dachshund store has been carefully selected. Everything for a lifestyle with your Dachshund that we aspire to. This includes harnesses to maintain a good back and to prevent hernias. Clothing that protects the lungs of our long-backed friends, baskets with therapeutic effects and 100% natural snacks for the best vitamins.

We have a fitting table for fitting clothes and harnesses we are trying on and Dachshunds are driven around in shopping carts like princes and princesses. Dachshund staff can go wild with gifts for other Dachshund fans or themselves. Dachshund paintings, tableware, jewelry... you name it, we have it. Taking a Polaroid photo for our 'paw of fame' is the perfect ending of your visit to our Dachshund concept store.

At Hashteckel we believe in the art of shopping as an experience. Private shopping in the only Dachshund store in Europe allows us to create an intimate atmosphere, where you can look around, try on and enjoy our exclusive Dachshund products in peace. By only offering private shopping, we can give our full attention to you as a customer, without distractions. We also notice that it is much calmer for the Dachshunds and their owners. Want to know more about private shopping in our Dachshund store? Click here!

De Hashteckel conceptstore, waar Teckels de sterren van de show zijn en elke Teckeleigenaar zich een VIP voelt
The Hashteckel concept store, where Dachshunds are the stars of the show and every Dachshund owner feels like a VIP

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Dear customer! Unfortunately, a lot of clothing and harnesses are ordered again without measuring. We do not work on the basis of S = kaninchen and so on, every Dachshund is different. Each product describes how to measure your Dachshund for the correct size. Please send us a message if you have any doubts about the size, so we can avoid all those unnecessary returns together. Thank you!